Sweet Celebrations

            Today, I am feeling extremely grateful.  I think a big part of this is the fact that this weekend was filled to the brim with celebration.  I took a half day off from work on Friday, and while I originally thought my hunger would lead me straight home, I instead wound up at my church’s Good Friday service.  It was a very meditative time focusing on the last words of Jesus, and I think it was a great opportunity for me to start Easter weekend grounded in what the holiday is all about.

After a restful afternoon with my hubby, my dad joined us for ‘dinner and a movie’ to celebrate his birthday.  Of course, since we’re on a budget, this meant we cooked him dinner (and organic brownies made from a mix from Aldi!) and watched a flick found on Netflix.  It was a wonderful evening for all of us, and I think my dad really appreciated the thought and time put into celebrating him.

            Saturday rolled around and was all…about…me!  It was my birthday (yup, my dad and I have back-to-back b-days).  The aforementioned hubby had been told a while ago that he was in charge of planning any festivities that would take place, and he took this as an opportunity to completely blow me away with a full day of fun.  He gave me an itinerary the night before, but it simply had the times with none of the events labeled.  Throughout the day Saturday I would either find or be handed an envelope with a beautifully designed ‘certificate’ complete with a limerick clue describing where we were going next.  I seriously think I’m still in shock at how amazingly he orchestrated this whole shebang.  It was ridiculously awesome.

            I’ll spare you all the details, but I do want to share the fantastic places in Detroit that we enjoyed, just in case you ever have the chance to check them out for yourself:

  • Avalon International Breads – fresh-baked deliciousness and the best hot chocolate I’ve had in a long time
  • John K. King Books – floors, rooms, and rows of every type of book you could ever imagine…and they’re used, which means affordable, which means you can actually buy some
  • Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes – the menu (written on the wall) contains both sweet and savory crepes…bon appetit!!
  • The DIA – did you know that if you live in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb counties, you can go here for free?  I’ve been there countless times, and there’s always something new to discover
  • Pewabic Pottery – unique artisan-made pottery pieces; they also have classes sometimes
  • Pizza Papalis – my mom’s boyfriend thought this was the best deep-dish pizza he’s ever had (including Chicago pizza)
  • Astoria Pastry Shop – I won’t even try to describe it…just go

 I’m so glad I live in such a cool city : )

            We began our Easter celebration with church (I wore jeans, but it was fun to see how a lot of people really ‘kicked up their fashion’ for the special day), then spent most of the day at my mom’s with family.  One of the highlights was watching my adorable 1 ½ year old niece collect plastic Easter eggs outside.  We ate a lot of yummy food made by my mom and her boyfriend.  Let’s just say the cheesy potatoes are pretty much famous.  The evening there ended with an ice cream cake for my b-day.  Once back home, we ended the day – and weekend – how we most like to: cuddled up on the couch.

            This weekend, sweetness was not just a flavor found in food, but an experience shared with loved ones.