Hi! Thanks for stopping in. I’m a first-time blogger (though life-long writer) who is looking for a way to use up some extra creative energy I have jostling about within me. After daydreaming more times than I can count of quitting my office job and pursuing my dream of (depending on the day and my mood, insert yoga instructor, holistic healer, home elder companion, non-profit position, Etsy creator, or author here), I decided I really need more creative expression in my life. And I don’t think quitting my job is the solution – though a girl can certainly dream.

I have a lot of interests, so while this blog may seem to be a bit all over the place, I hope everything I share can be applied to better living – and loving – life . I predict topics spanning from going green & eating healthy to racial reconciliation & various social justice issues to relationships & organization to travelling and…well, you get the picture. I don’t see a reason to limit this space to one topic when that is not really how most people work. I’m a messy collaboration of passions, sure, but I’d rather be that than have no passions at all!

So, here’s a little about me: I’m in my twenties and am very happy with my life. I am married to my best friend (yeah, yeah – corny, I know) who is the most delightful combination of loving, smart, & goofy. We have many wonderful relationships with family members and friends, live in Detroit, and love to volunteer both at church and in our community. I’ve been known to over-organize and make massive lists and also to blow off my to-do’s to venture into Netflix land (except for Wednesdays, which is currently ‘no TV day’).

Life is a crazy journey, and I feel so grateful for where I’m at on this winding path – where are you?


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